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In our restaurant we are cooking traditional dishes of the Pskov region and the Baltic countries. Fresh river fish from Pskov rivers and lakes is constantly in our menu.


- Patties from our confectionery: with cabbage, with meat, with fish
- Herring with potatoes and onions
- Traditional Russian salad with herring
- Cabbage salad
- Vegetable salad with dressing of your choice
- Beet salad
- Salted pork fat Baltic with horseradish
- Salad Sebezhskiy
- Fishman Salad
- Traditional Latvian salad with beans
- Meat salad old farmstead
- Stuffed eggs with fried onions of traditional Latvian style
- Baltic salmon fillet with lemon
- Salad Snyatogorsky
- Classic stuffed aubergines
- Tongue, horseradish, cabbage salad
- Fresh vegetables and salted vegetables
- Lenten salad according to Pechersk monastery recipe
- Cold roll, sausage and meat with horseradish and vegetables
- Vegetable salad with Baltic salmon and shrimps
- Seafood Plate: Baltic salmon, halibut, shrimps, mussels


- Estonian cold soup Okroshka with kefir (külmsupp)
- Russian cold soup Okroshka with kvass
- Cold beet soup
- Pike perch fish soup ukha with a rasstegai (open-topped pastry) of monastic style
- Fish soup ukha of the Baltic salmon and pike perch
- Sorrel soup
- Cheese Latvian soup with Baltic shrimps
- Russian Solyanka (a spicy soup of vegetables and meat)
- Russian Solyanka (a spicy soup of vegetables and fish)
- Soup of the day (ask the waiter) with pasty or glass of vodka


- Salmon Pskov style with mushrooms
- Peipsi lake pike baked in foil
- Pike perch Gdov style
- Fried Baltic salmon
- Pike perch Latvian style
- Bream in a hot frying pan with potatoes and onions
- Fillet of a young perch
- Meat pot
- Bone-in pork (cutlet)
- Pork Steak
- Country style pork
- Grilled ribs of young pork
- Classic steak with fried onions, egg and potatoes
- Sausages Novorzhevskie with mashed potatoes and fried onions
- Breaded cutlet of veal with Estonian sour cream sauce
- Tallinn style veal with ham
- Meat dumplings Pecherskiy baked with ham
- Russian pancakes with red caviar
- Chicken Kiev

Breakfast Buffet is served in the restaurant

Menu of buffet restaurant

- Fresh tomatoes
- Fresh cucumbers
- Lettuce leaves
- Dressing for vegetable salads
- Ham
- Cheese of three sorts
- Fresh cottage cheese
- Fried eggs
- Boiled eggs
- Fried tomatoes
- Fried sausages
- Fried bacon

- Muesli of three sorts
- Buns (from our own confectionery)
- Pancakes
- Jam
- Milk
- Tea black and green
- Coffee
- Fruits of season
- Kasha (porridge) of two sorts
- Pancakes and toasts
- Fruit water of two sorts
- Butter



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